About Us

Third Day Naturals is a family owned and run business in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York.

Our wonder of the beauty and intricacy of nature has led us to live, move, and breathe as naturally as possible on our little 2 acre homestead in Washingtonville. Part of our discovery of the wonders of nature and the desire to rid our home of harmful and unnatural products brought us to the point of learning to make our own soap, body, and baby care products with completely natural ingredients.

Surprised by our early success, our first batch of cold-processed soap turned out amazingly well. It was a delight using that first bar of soap after a good long cure. Subsequent batches with different ingredients brought some successes and some awful failures. We tested the soaps ourselves, and found which qualities we liked or didn't. We doled out many bars to friends and family for their enjoyment and feedback. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and some of these kind folks actually started making their own soap as a result or begged us for more bars.

We went on to experiment with different skin and baby care formulas and found them to be vastly more effective than any commercially available product of similar application. We desire to bring these products to our community and beyond, so that all can appreciate how beneficial and effective pure bath and body care products can be—better for us and better for our environment.


Our steadfast commitment to using only natural ingredients while making high-quality and effective products, assures each of our customers that not only are they using pure and natural products but ones that also work astoundingly well. If we find obstacles in the way of producing truly natural goods (which we do), we work hard to find a way of doing it anyway. If we truly cannot make something naturally, we will not do it. This is our pledge. If anything, here at Third Day Naturals, we appreciate simplicity, and know that many of you do as well.


Our words to live by-- Pure. Effective. Simple.