About Our Products

Here at Third Day Naturals, we pride ourselves in using all-natural ingredients in our products.

We never use fragrance oils, preservatives or artificial colorants. Instead, we use essential oils for scent, vitamin E for preservation of the goodness of each batch, and botanicals or clays for texture and color. All of the base oils used in our soap are good for the skin, and each oil lends a particular quality to the soap—creamy or bubbly lather, extra skin-conditioning, hardness, cleansing are just some of the qualities. All of our soaps are cold process made. The vast majority of our products are completely vegetable-based and appropriate for vegans. See each soap description for more details on particular products of interest.

We color and scent our soaps naturally with plant derived ingredients. Due to the volatile nature of some of the essential oils we use, during the curing process, the scents may have weakened a bit from the external surface of the bar. This is normal soap behaviour. Be assured that the scent on the inside will be stronger as you use it. Likewise, colors may vary from batch to batch due to the nature of the ingredients, and the soap's color may fade over time, especially if the soap is exposed to light. To preserve the colors during shelf-life, keep the bars in a dark cabinet or closet away from direct light and moisture.

Also, to insure a long-lasting bar of soap, it is best to keep the soap out of the direct stream of water, otherwise it will soften and dissolve prematurely.


As always, if soap gets into the eyes, flush with plenty of tepid water.